About The Masterclass

CEO, Coach, and Trainer, Gail A Walker will teach government contractors (GOVCONs) how to position their company to build a six-figure micro-purchasing GOVCON business. Attendees of our masterclass will:

  • Gain a firm understanding of the government procurement process and the benefits of adding the US government as a client.

  • Understand why the US government is considered the largest purchaser of goods and services.

  • Discover the various purchasing habits of the Federal Government.

  • Dive deep into the Purchase Card, Micro-Purchasing Contracting Method.

  • Learn how you can use micro-purchasing opportunities to build a 6-figure income business.

  • Perform research to gain agency intelligence to learn which agencies utilize the micro-purchasing method.

  • Perform research to gain product and service intelligence to discover what agencies buy using the micro-purchasing method.

  • Analyze the intelligence to create processes and plans to target the buying agencies using the micro-purchasing method.

  • Create one-page and five-page Capability Statements.

  • Create strategic micro-purchasing marketing and sales plans.

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Build Your Six-Figure Business

The government is looking for your service or product offering

Course curriculum

    1. Course Syllabus

    2. Materials for Government Procurement Overview Day One

    3. Micro-Purchasing Intelligence Workshop Handouts

    4. Create Micro-Purchasing Strategic Marketing Plan

    5. Create Micro-Purchasing Strategic Sales Plan

    6. Before you go...


About this course

  • $4,995.00
  • 9 lessons

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  • Step-by-Step Process to Gain Vital intelligence

    We provide attendees with a step-by-step process to run a Purchase Card, NAICS, and PSC Reports to find varied procurement actions during a specified date range to gain agency and purchasing intelligence.

  • Group Sessions

    We will hold weekly group Q&A sessions for three (3) months to help GOVCONs strengthen their processes and pursue micro-purchasing opportunities.

  • One-on-One Coaching Session

    We provide each attendee with five (5) one-on-one coaching sessions to help tailor their win strategy and process.

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We have helped clients win $250+ Million over the years.

Check out which agencies are buying what you are selling. Sign up to learn how to find what agencies are conducting procurement using the Purchase Card (Micro-Purchasing) contracting method and how to build a sales and marketing plan around these contracts.
A Snapshot: 2020 Government -Wide Contracting


CEO | Senior Trainer | Author | Coach Gail Henry-Walker

CEO, Trainer, Author, and Coach Gail A Walker has been in the government procurement industry for over 25+ years, in Administration for 27+ years, and in Small Business Development for 30+ years. I have helped companies win over $250 million in contract funding, private and government grants, and SB loans. She also uses her vast experience and knowledge of the government contracting space to develop training programs and curriculums. The nuances of the US government procurement system and culture require an in-depth understanding of this industry, its many processes, and complex regulations. GAH Consulting is in a prime position to assist companies and individuals who want to learn or require assistance with government contracting support on a federal, state, local, and municipal level.